Department of Community Programs

 Provides Wellness Workshops (Loss/Grief, Team Building, Healing, Fitness programming, Nutrition Workshops, etc.), On-the-land camps for Youth, Adults and Families, Youth focused programming, Annual Youth Conference, Awareness Programs (Addictions, Substance Abuse, Crime Prevention.

Community Justice - Provides services in relation to Diversions (First time offenders or referrals from the court system), Assist with the Fine Option Programs, Delivers Youth Focus Programming, Delivers Crime Prevention programs to clients and/or community members.

Victim Services - Assist with Victim Impact Statements, Victims of Crime Emergency funding, Assist with Crown Prosecutors (provide support to clients through court hearings), Provide assistance with RCMP for community visits/victim support, assist with Wellness Programs, Assist with the Annual Family Violence Awareness week, Organize with partners “Take Back the Night” community walk. Provides Awareness programs in the region.  Provides support services to “Victims of Crime” in the Tłı̨chǫ region.  

 Healthy Families Program -  Provides early intervention program that provides support to families with children 0 to 6 years old.  The program assists in strengthening the parent-child relationship by improving parenting skills, reducing family stress and meeting the needs of the parent.    

 The program utilizes the Growing Great Kids curriculum to promote school readiness with the child(s) development. The HF program provides supportive services in child development, parenting issues, breast-feeding support and provides linkages to community services with sharing information and/or making referrals to appropriate resources.  

The Family Support Visitor provides in-home visits, daily/weekly phone calls, Centre visits.

Healthy Babies, Families, Communities Program – Provides supportive services to families with children 0-6 years old. The program hosts weekly family craft nights, family game nights, cooking classes, discussion groups on “Parenting or parenting issues”, Literacy programs, babysitting First Aid/CPR classes (only when requested), childcare services during classes, Nutrition classes, Monthly Elders Luncheons (connecting families of the program with Elders in the community).