Socio-Economic Research

Client Services has allocated funds to increase the research capacity in the Department. The socio-economic research team will plan and implement research to inform social and health impact assessments, coordinate socio-economic impact agreements with development projects, and implement mitigation measures and monitoring programs for the socio-economic impacts of development projects. Specific research programs completed by the research team will include monitoring the diamond mine closure period, monitoring the socio-economic implications of The All-Season Road (TASR), supporting the development and distribution of the ESDC Indigenous Labour Market Information Survey, providing training for Tłı̨chǫ citizens as interviewers and facilitators to support socio-economic research in its communities, and providing other research that supports Tłı̨chǫ citizens. 

As the DCLP has its own research and monitoring team with similar or complementary research interests, it will be imperative that Client Services and DCLP work collaboratively to ensure that research is not duplicated.

For questions about Client Services Socio-Economic Research, please email [email protected]