Department of Client Services

The Department of Client Services provides professional, client-focused services to assist Tłı̨chǫ Citizens in the pursuit of education, training, and career development.

The programs and services that Client Services delivers include; Apprenticeship, Career Development, Economic Development, Enrolment, Justice and Victim Services, and Post-Secondary, 

These programs and services support the overarching Strategic Intentions, increase local workforce capacity, and enhance the Tłı̨chǫ way of life. For more information, please email us at[at]tlicho[dot]ca.

We have six Client Services divisions:

  1. Apprenticeship (Apprentice[at]tlicho[dot]ca )
  2. Career Development  (career[at]tlicho[dot]ca)
  3. Economic Development (edo[at]tlicho[dot]ca)
  4. Enrolment (enrolment[at]tlicho[dot]ca)
  5. Justice and Victim Services (justice.service[at]tlicho[dot]ca, &[at]tlicho[dot]ca)
  6. Post-Secondary Program (post.secondary[at]tlicho[dot]ca)