Nora Ekendia

Nora Ekendia

Nora Ekendia has lived in Behchokö all her life and is from a family of nine children. Nora has eight children: two girls and six boys.

When Nora and her sisters were young, her mother taught them how to sew traditional Dene crafts such as jackets, vests, gloves, hair pins, key chains, slippers, belts and much more. She wants to keep these traditional arts alive and now encourages her girls to follow in her footsteps by learning how to sew.

In 1999 Nora enrolled in the Jewelry and Metalwork Program of Aurora College which was offered in Behchokö at that time. She exhibited her work and the positive response gave her  the encouragement she needed to continue in the program. She completed the second year of the program at Aurora College in Yellowknife graduating with a Certificate in Jewellery Making.



Nora Ekendia P.O Box 278 Behchokö, NT X0E 0Y0 Telephone: 1-867-392-6984 E-mail: nekendia[at]dogrib[dot]net