Dora Migwi

Profile:  Dora Migwi


Dora Migwi was born in  Behchokö in 1937.  When she was 7 years old she lost her mother and was raised by her late father Joseph Rabesca and step-mother Josephine.    She married her late husband, Joe Migwi when she was 21 and together they had nine children and blessed with many grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great grandchildren.

She taught herself how to sew just by looking at the work of elderly women when she was 13.  Dora continues to practice her traditional skills and teach her daughters how to sew caribou hide slippers, moccasins, parkas, jackets, gloves, mitts, vests and various traditional clothing.  She encourages young women to continue to practice their traditional skills and passed it on to next generations as she does not want Tlicho people to loose their traditional knowledge, way of life and culture.

Today, Dora is 72 years old and still continues to sew and she is very proud of her gifted talents which she learned from her ancestors.



Dora Migwi prefers you contact her through the onlinestore[at]tlicho[dot]com or by telephone at 867.392.6910.