Transport Canada’s Office on Boating Safety

Safety measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic are preventing in-person education and outreach channels across the world. Education on water safety through typical, in-class channels such as swimming lessons and school programs may not be available to Canadian children in advance of the 2020 boating season.

Every summer, children and teens die from drowning in Canada. Education is a key tool to prevent these tragedies and save lives.

To help prevent child drowning, educate young Canadians and prepare families for a safe boating season, Transport Canada’s Office of Boating Safety is providing the following electronic resource. This bilingual resource may support curriculums in health education, safety and/or outdoor education.

Resources for students grades 8-12: Transport Canada’s Safe Boating Guide is available free online for download on our French and English websites. Transport Canada website and Safe Boating Guide have valuable safety and emergency information and may also support health education, safety and outdoor education curriculums.


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