Sixties Scoop Survivor Claim

You may be eligible for compensation.

This is an application form to obtain an individual payment from the Sixties Scoop Settlement Agreement. 

The settlement provides a payment to any registered Indian or person eligible to be registered or Inuit person who was adopted or made a permanent ward and was placed in the care of non-Indigenous foster or adoptive parents in Canada between January 1, 1951 and December 31, 1991. 

If this describes you, please read and complete the following form. You must then submit it to the Claims Administrator no later than August 30, 2019 either 
(a) by filling out and submitting the electronic version of this form which can be found on the administrator's website at the following address
(b) by email, fax or mail, to the following coordinates:

Sixties Scoop Class Action Administrator 
c/o Collectiva Class Action Services, Inc. 
1176 Bishop Street, Suite 208  
Montreal, Quebec H3G 2E3  
Fax: 514-287-1617  
For assistance with completing this form you can contact Collectiva at 1-844-287-4270 or by email at 

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