EMES Bus Route

 Dear Parents and Guardians:

Here is our bus route for the upcoming school year. It is exactly the same as last year. Please refer to the map to see estimated times for “drop-off” and ‘pick-up” of students. We have done our best to meet the needs of the entire community. Addressing these needs will help get all “bus students” to school safely and on time. The safety of our students is our number one priority and the first step in ensuring safety is developing a consistent bus schedule.

The bus schedule will be exactly the same as last school year. Please keep a copy of this letter and the map to refer to as we move through the year. Here is a short description of our new bus run: (also see map)


  1. The bus will leave the school at 8am.
  2. New Road will be the first section the bus goes to.
  3. After New Road the bus will makes its way to Government Street (via the main road).
  4. The bus will then turn right at the end of Government Street and make its way around Arnie’s Point.
  5. After leaving Arnie’s Point the bus will travel past the medical centre and through the 4-way stop and then head to Bay Island.
  6. The bus will do one loop around Bay Island. Upon leaving Bay Island the bus will do a loop around French Point.
  7. At this time, the bus will make its way back to the school along the main road then turning on Edzo Tili and arriving at the school.

Lunch: This run is exactly the same as the morning and afternoon runs. Parents need to be aware that once the bus driver finishes dropping off students at French Point he will immediately begin picking students up to take back to the school. These pick-ups will start on New Road (where he first began) at approximately 12:30 to 12:35, and will follow the route (described above).

Things to Remember (for Parents)

  • Your child will be picked up approximately 25 to 30 minutes after they are dropped off at home. For example: If they arrive home to lunch at 12:10 they will be picked up to go back to school around 12:35 to 12:40.
  • The lunch time bus run is very full and in order to get your child back to school on time, the bus driver will not be able to stop for extended periods of time. Please have your child ready to catch the bus at the times listed on the map for your part of the community.
  • Safety is always our first priority. Please discuss with your child the following behaviors that will make riding the bus safe and happy for everybody.
    • Remain seated when they are on the bus. (This is extremely important!)
    • Speak using kind words and a regular volume – yelling and teasing is not appropriate.
    • Follow the bus driver’s instructions at all times. His first priority is to drive safely – making sure your child listens to his instructions means he can focus on the road.
    • Keep the windows closed unless the bus driver says it is okay.
    • Students are not permitted on the bus with junk food (pop, chips, etc).
    • Keep the bus clean and tidy – do not throw things or litter.



John Gouthro, Principal EMES

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