Behchokǫ̀ Valentine's Day Candy Gram Event

The Tlicho Government’s Community Wellness Programs Department’s first year in hosting a community wide Candy Gram event for residents of Behchoko was a success.

There were approximately 154 Candy Gram orders delivered throughout the community of Behchoko, Edzo and Franks Channel. Community members were invited to participate in the “Valentine’s day Candy Grams” Event on February 14, 2019. This one-day event focused on Family, Friends, Colleagues, and loved ones.  The Acts of kindness and Appreciation themes focused on “helping each other, respecting each other, and developing a sense of kindness to one another”.  

Community members whom participated in the event showed happiness and excitement of giving Candy grams to the special someone and the Community members that received the Candy grams showed happiness and appreciation of the of the special gifts received.  The feeling of receiving the special packages on Valentines Day gave a more sense of feeling cared for, acknowledgement with in their homes, workplace, and schools. 

Community members that participated in the day event thanked the staff for such an inspiring event and stated that the Community Wellness Programs department should continue more events and programs like this; it brings the community together in positive ways.  

The Valentine’s Day event was successful and partly funded by the Community Wellness Programs department, Tlicho Government.  

For more information contact: 

Anita Daniels-Black, 
Director of Community Programs 
Tlicho Government 
Ph. 867-392-6381, Ext. 1325 

Gail Whane, 
Wellness & Social Programs Manager Trainee
Tlicho Government  
Ph.  867-392-6381, Ext. 1351 

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