Winter Road to Gamètì is OPEN

Please be advised the Tłįchǫ Winter Road to Gamètì is now OPEN to 10,000 Kilograms.
Please watch for equipment working between Chipmunk Lake and Hislop Lake. Also, watch for narrow, slippery sections on the portage north of Tumi Lake.
The Winter Road to Whatì is open to 20,000 kilograms.
The Tłįchǫ Winter Road to Wekweètì is under construction.

All the information regarding the condition of the NWT highways and roads is available on the DOT site at: When you click on a segment of road, a window will open and will display the detailed conditions of that specific road. 
Important updates are also on GNWT DOT Twitter: @GNWT_DOT.


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