Trails of Our Ancestors - Gameti to Intseti (Hottah Lake)

The canoers made it back to Gameti on Wednesday night after long days of travel from Intseeti (Hottah Lake). A feast awaited the travelers in Gameti. The two week trip took the travelers along the old canoe route from Gameti to Intseeti, and return journey via Li goli (Isabella Lake) and Intoati (Hardisty Lake) back to Gameti. 29 people participated from all four Tlicho communities, with Joe Zoe as the leader. The team revived the old canoe routes and cleaned up the many burial sites along the historical route.


The team consisted of six boats: three canvas boats and three canoes. The participants were Joe Zoe, Jerry Zoe, Janet Mackenzie, Paul Eyakfwo, Petter Jacobsen, Louis Zoe, Therese Zoe, Forest Zoe, Jasmine Wetrade, Ryan Chocolate, Franky Joe Nitsiza, Allan Moosenose, JJ Simpson, Benjamin Nitsiza, JJ Football, Tracella Romie, Terence Romie, Narcisse Rabecsa, Michael Husky, Johnny Naedzo, Stanley Rabesca, Darrel Mantla, Tydas Rabesca, Antoine Wetrade, Mary Adele Wetrade, Jerrick Eyakfwo, Philip Wayne, Richard Rabesca and John B. Zoe.  


For more information please contact:

Tony Rabesca, Culture Practice Management at 867-392-6381 ext 1308

Petter Jacobsen - 867-445-7995

Trails of Ancestors - Gameti to Intseti (Hottah Lake) from Tlicho Government on Vimeo.

Interview between Tony Rabesca, and Louie Zoe about the traveling the Trails of Our Ancestors


Photos provided by Petter Jacobsen.

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