Tłı̨chǫ Ice Road - Wekweètì Winter Road

Please be advised the Wekweètı̀ Winter Road is now OPEN to 14,000 kilograms Gross Vehicle Weight.

Please watch for overflow at Km 82.5 as well as a narrow section on the portage at Km 130.  Watch for rough sections at Km 224 as well as rough and rocky sections between Km 245 and 267. 

The Whatı̀ Winter Road is open to traffic up to a maximum GVW of 18,000 kilograms.  Please watch for narrow sections at Km 25.5 on Marian Lake.

The Gamètı̀ Winter Road is open to a maximum GVW of 15,000 kilograms.  Watch for drifting on lakes between Whatı̀ and Gamètı̀.

Please ensure you have plenty of fuel, extra warm clothing and a responsible person is aware of your expected departure and arrival times when travelling on the winter roads.  Please watch for equipment working throughout the Tłı̨chǫ Winter Road system.

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