Tłįchǫ Government concerned for workers, families

Tłįchǫ Government concerned for workers, families as DeBeers enters Care and Maintenance

December 4, 2015 - For Immediate Release

Behchokǫ̀, NT – The Tłįchǫ Government is very concerned for the laid-off mine workers and their families. 

De Beers Canada announced today that they are suspending production at Snap Lake Mine and entering care and maintenance, citing poor market conditions.  This will result in the lay-off of 434 workers. 

The Tłįchǫ Government is in close communication with the senior leadership of De Beers. The Tłįchǫ Grand Chief Edward Erasmus said, “This is a very sad day for our NWT people and economy, not only for the Tłįchǫ but for everyone. Sometimes tough business decisions have to be made, and we understand that De Beers had to make that decision today.”

More than 30 Tłįchǫ people will be directly affected by this decision, and Tłįchǫ businesses will also be affected, along with their workers.  

Tłįchǫ Government staff will meet with De Beers to discuss the need to prioritize employment opportunities for Tłįchǫ members. 

The Grand Chief said “We will be working closely with our businesses and with workers to lessen the impact on our people. We know that De Beers is working hard to make sure there is counselling available for workers. We wish to provide messages of support to all Tłįchǫ workers at this time, especially as it will hit them hard right before the Christmas season.”

Media inquiries:

Henry Zoe 

Senior Community Director 

Tłįchǫ Ndek'àowo / Tłįchǫ Government

Phone: (867) 766-4003 or (Cell) 867-446-0230

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