Tłı̨chǫ Youth in Transition

The deadline to apply has been postponed until June 23rd. Spaces are limited, Apply Now!  Fill out application form here ->> https://form.jotform.ca/51184176148255

Katimavik, Tłı̨chǫ Government Community Services Department and ONE Program have partnered to create TłĮchǫ youth in Transition. This program provides the opportunity for 10 Tłı̨chǫ Youth (ages 18-30) to:
  • Participate in the Katimavik development experience: living in an autonomous, but structured group setting in Regina, Saskatchewan and working four days a week as a volunteer in a community not-for-profit partnering organization;
  • Complete a postsecondary course in a broad range of educational backgrounds at First Nations University of Canada;
  • Increase their culture and language knowledge to strengthen self-esteem and provide them with strong working skills;
  • Open avenues that lead directly to more success in education or training, or direct access to employment.

Youth selected for the program are interested in overcoming barriers to employment and developing skills, knowledge and learning aptitudes to participate in the current and changing labour market and the social life of their communities.

Through an innovative approach, they participate to further develop skills, self-esteem and confidence through culture, language and reconciliation activities, including the promotion of education and skills as being key to labour market participation, literacy and healthy lifestyles. Theses aspirations are found through volunteerism of over 5,600 hours per project to local, community created initiatives. Volunteer work has a significant social value and several benefits for community groups. Community organizations can improve, increase and diversify services offered locally through the volunteering done by Katimavik participants.

Katimavik’s approach to civic engagement and reconciliation is one of collaboration and of a web of mutual benefit. The objective of IYIT as well as all other Katimavik programs is to utilize preexisting local models of reconciliation and initiatives in community building. This extends across multiple agencies from ground to executive levels.


Wondering what your 6 months with Katimavik will look like? Here’s an overview:
You will share a house or an apartment with 9 other TłĮchǫ youth and a House Leader. Your house leader will support you in various group activities and ensure you’re having a fulfilling and fun experience throughout your stay. Throughout the week you will volunteer in one of the community’s where you are living non profit organization and learn a lot about a dynamic and new work environment. Your program is partnered with First Nations University of Canada, thus allowing you to get a taste of University life. And finally your weekends will be filled with fun activities, cultural expeditions and free time to bond with your group mates.
We ensure you that it will be a memorable experience, 93% of former participants say that Katimavik changed their life!

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