Return to Edzo Residents - Health and Social Services Updates

Update: Return to Community for Edzo Residents - Health and Social Services Updates  

(Behchoko, July 30, 2023) - In a positive development the Tłı̨chǫ Government has announced that residents of Edzo will be able to return to the community on Monday, July 31st at noon. With this return, the Tłı̨chǫ Community Services Agency wants to update residents about service levels for health and social services

Planning is currently underway to establish a paramedic at the Community Youth Centre in Edzo to provide on-call emergency support to the community.   At this time the Marie Adele Bishop health centre in Behchoko remains closed. Health and social services programs and services remain limited and will require further work to fully re-establish.

If residents wish to speak with a Registered Nurse they are encouraged to call 811. For any medical emergencies please call 911.

Anyone who needs further treatment or assessment may need to travel to Yellowknife or be moved to Yellowknife for care depending on their condition.

In Yellowknife, the following options are available for accessing care and services:

  • Prescription refills or Appointments with Behchokǫ̀ Community Health Nurses - For appointments or prescription refills, contact Frame Lake Clinic Monday to Friday between 8:05am and 4:25pm at 867-767-9125 (press 3 to speak with someone). Community Health Nurses from Behchokǫ̀ are available to care for evacuees at this clinic but booked appointments are required. Individuals can also speak with their pharmacist to see if they can assist with refills of certain medications, if prescription refills are required pharmacists may be able to request these from the clinic.
  • August 2nd Behchokǫ̀ Doctor Clinic Appointments - If you have an existing appointment booked for the Behchokǫ̀ doctor clinic that was supposed to take place on August 2nd, please call Frame Lake clinic to confirm your appointment. Appointments will take place at the Frame Lake clinic if the evacuation continues through August 2nd.
  • Same-day Appointments - If you are unable to get a same-day appointment by contacting the Frame Lake Clinic to access a Behchokǫ̀ Community Health Nurse please call Yellowknife Primary Care at 867-767-9294 (press 0 to speak with someone), phone bookings open between 8:05 am and 8:25 pm Monday to Friday and from 8:35 am and 4pm on Saturdays.
  • For Pregnant Individuals - If you are pregnant and due for a prenatal appointment please call Yellowknife Primary Care at 867-767-9294 (press 0 to speak with someone) to arrange an appointment. Resources have been added to accommodate these appointments and we will be reaching out to individuals who are due for a prenatal, however, if you are due for a prenatal and have not received a call please get in touch with us.

Further updates about service levels will be provided as we are able to assess the condition of the health centre and equipment required to operate services.


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