PLEASE BE ADVISED - Quarry Blast @ KM 246.2 on HWY #3 on May 17

We will be performing a single shot, Quarry Blast @ KM 246.2 on HIGHWAY #3 on FRIDAY, MAY 17, 2019  between the hours of: 4:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. (Weather & Conditions Permitting)

To ensure the safety of all those within the blast zone, all personnel will be removed from the area prior to blasting, nearby property owners and cabin tenants will be notified and cleared, from the surrounding area (if/as required), and a temporary road closure on Highway #3 (in the vicinity of Km 246.2), will be in effect, prior to, and just after blasting, to ensure there is no access within the blast zone parameter, quarry and/or the surrounding area.   

We will be requesting all personnel in this quarry be moved to a safe distance out of the blast zone parameter, a minimum of 15 minutes prior to blasting. 

All relevant contacts have been notified and the airport shall receive their mandatory warnings prior to the blast. 

Security, guards and safety personnel will be on site.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact:

  • Lance Gomolchuk @ 867.444.8583 
  • Roger Mann @ 867.444.8717 
  • Shawn Ward @ 867.766.7945
Thank you. As always, we appreciate your cooperation during this project.  
 Shawn Ward 
Break-Away Drilling & Blasting Ltd. | PO Box 2104 | Yellowknife | NT | X1A 2P6 | Phone/Fax: 867.766.7945 | Cell: 403.846.1202 

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