Northern Store Public Announcement

As a part of the Northern Store’s ongoing efforts to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 Novel Corona virus, we are asking that any persons who have symptoms of a cough, fever and difficulty breathing to PLEASE DO NOT visit the store.

Please practice social distancing when in the store. To help with this, look for the red lines on the floor when you are standing in line for the tills or the financial services office. They indicate safe distances for you to stand apart.

For the safety of our customers and employees we may limit the number of customers in the store during peak hours. To help with this, we are asking our community members to please do not use the store as a social gathering point or to crowd the store vestibule when waiting for mail. We are also asking that you please do not bring children to the store if possible.

The Northern Store will start having designated hours for elder’s shopping. We ask our community members who are not elders to please refrain from visiting the Northern store during the elder’s shopping hours unless you are an elder’s companion. 

Elder’s Shopping Hours

Friday Mar 27th - 2pm to 4pm

Monday Mar 30th – 2pm to 4pm

Starting Mar 31st – 10am to 11am Monday to Friday

We are working with our suppliers and transportation teams to maintain stock levels on our shelves. We are asking all of our customers to please be mindful when shopping and not panic buy. This will only serve to deplete products faster and will leave some of our community households without adequate supplies. Please be considerate to your neighbours.

The Northern Store Team is asking for your understanding and cooperation as we work together to keep our community healthy and safe.

Thank you for shopping Northern.

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