Read Newsletters on the Tłįchǫ All-Season Road. Hwy 3 to Whatì

These Newsletters by the GNWT Department of Transportation and the Tłįchǫ Government, are the first in a series about the proposed Tłįchǫ All-season Road (TASR). They are meant to provide Tłįchǫ community members with information about the project. Each newsletter focuses on different topics and highlights the various processes that will limit environmental and social impacts to the surrounding area from the construction and operation of the road.  Read the TASR Newsletters below:

For more information, please contact:

Sjoerd van der Wielen
Manager, Lands Section Dept of Culture and Lands Protection
Tłįchǫ Government
(867) 392 6381 ext 1351
Michael Conway
Regional Superintendent Department of Transportation
Government of the Northwest Territories
(867) 767-9089 ext 31194



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