Meeting with China's State Ethnic Affairs Commission

A six-member delegation from China’s State Ethnic Affairs Commission (SEAC) were in Yellowknife, November 28-29, 2016.  SEAC is responsible for relations between the central government and China’s ethnic minorities.  The delegation was interested in how Canadian jurisdictions work effectively with Aboriginal populations. 

The delegation asked to meet with the Tłįchǫ Government as a self-governing First Nation, to learn about Tłįchǫ experiences. The Chiefs met with the delegation on November 29th and provided an overview of the Tłįchǫ Government and the Tłįchǫ Agreement.

For more information, contact:
Senior Community Director 
Tłįchǫ Ndek'àowo / Tłįchǫ Government
Phone: (867) 766-4003

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