Client Services held Foraging Workshops in the Tłı̨chǫ Region

Foraging Workshops on local wild plants, berries, mushrooms and medicine making where held in Behchokǫ̀ (June 27), Whatı̀ (June 17-19), Gamètı̀ (July 15-17), and Wekweètı̀ (July 3-5). 

Economic Development Officers collected applications, and selected individuals to participate in the training.

This was a three day workshop:
DAY 1: Introductions, Overview of the Tlicho Forager’s Handbook, hands on activity (spruce gum salve making)
DAY 2: Foraging Walk at Whati’s Waterfall, finish the spruce salve making 
DAY 3: Review, make lip balm with plants

Foraging Workshop is designed and tailored to meet Tłı̨chǫ citizen needs. The Foraging students will gain experience in foraging plants in and around the community, which include the following:

  • Learn what Foraging is 
  • Rules for Foraging
  • What tools and safety equipment to use when foraging 
  • Learning the names of identity of plants 

Sign up for Foraging Workshops with the Economic Development Officers listed below.  Foraging Workshops will be held on:

  • September 4-6 in Wekweètı̀
  • September 11-13 in Whatı̀
  • September 18-20 in Gamètı̀
  • September 25-26 in Behchokǫ̀

Funded by:

  • Government of Canada's Skills and Partnership Fund in Partnership.
  • Supported by Client Services Department.

For more information contact:

Amy Maund, Laughing Lichen,Yellowknife, NT
PH: 867-688-9453 

Susan Nitsiza. Whatı̀ Economic Development Officer
PH: 867-573-3012 ext. 1404

Belinda Blackduck, Gamètı̀ Economic Development Officer
PH: 867-997-3074 ext 1504

Carol Arrowmaker, Wekweètı̀ Economic Development Officer
PH: 867-713-2511 ext 1604


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