Know the Difference

There are two different authorization cards given out for Barren-ground Caribou harvest. There are the brown cards that are distributed for the harvest of the Bluenose East herd and are given to the community directors in each Tłı̨chǫ community; there are only 76 authorization cards for the Tłı̨chǫ region.

These cards are typically used for the Wekweètì area where the Bluenose East herd usually travel through. There are also the orange authorization cards; these cards are distributed through ENR and has no limit to the amount given out. The orange cards are for the harvest of caribou from the Beverly herd and are given out for the harvest in the McKay Lake area. Both cards allows you to harvest Bulls only.


For More Information please contact: 

Stephanie Behrens
Wildlife Biologist, Department of Culture and Lands Protection.
P: (867)-392-6381 ext. 1364

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