Jimmy Erasmus Senior’s Home (JESH) Re-Frame Artworks

Department of Culture and Lands Protection (DCLP) and Jimmy Erasmus Senior’s Home (JESH) Re-Frame Artworks for Infection Control

The residents at JESH were missing their favourite artworks, in particular paintings of ‘on the land’ themes and the portrait of Father Pochat. Over the past four months DCLP took on the cost of reframing and glazing the artworks to bring them to the standards needed for infection control. In other words, the artworks, many by well known Tłı̨chǫ artists, needed to be ‘wipeable’ before they could be hung up again in the common spaces.

Volunteers Sarah Swan, art curator, and Catherine Livingstone, NWT Dementia Ambassador, helped to rehang the artworks with the input of the residents, JESH Program Coordinator Julia Naedzo and Continuing Care Manager Laurel Irving.

Masi to the TCSA and DCLP for such a worthwhile project and to Visual Effects for quality and timely service.

Stay tuned for the next ‘Art Happening’ at JESH in the next couple months when it is safe to visit the home. Stained glass mosaic art, inspired by Tłı̨chǫ sewing and beadwork, created by CJBS students, will be installed in the windows.

For more information contact:
Karen Gelderman


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