JESH Recreation Department

The JESH Recreation Department, Missy Mantla, Beatrice Naedzo and Regina Lafferty recently spent a day at Aven's Senior's Home in Yellowknife to learn more about senior's recreation and to participate in Aven's Chair Yoga program. Here they are pictured with Carol Norwegian the Volunteer & Recreation Supervisor at Aven's.  

JESH's recreation team are now provides a different 30 min. exercise program every morning at 11:00 am for Elders.  Although the aim for each program is to gently stretch and strengthen muscles, they use a variety of approaches to keep it fun.  Current programs are designed for both standing or sitting and include Light Weight Strengthen, Tlicho Camp Yoga, Balloon Badminton and Dancersize.  Yet to come are exercise programs that use Stretch Bands, Rain Sticks and Balls.

Community elders are welcome to join any of the programs!  Call Regina or Missy for more information: 492-0003.

For more information please contact:
Laurel Irving,
Manager of Continuing Care  

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