Indian Hospitals Class Action

COOPER REGEL, a member of Masuch Albert LLP and KOSKIE MINSKY LLP commenced a class action on January 25, 2018 against the Attorney General of Canada alleging that its operation of “Indian Hospitals” was negligent and breached fiduciary duties owed to Indigenous People.

The statement of claim alleges, among other things, that between 1945 and 1981 Canada transported Indigenous people to dilapidated facilities converted into hospitals where they were isolated from their family, friends and communities. The hospitals were substandard, overcrowded, and rife with physical and sexual abuse. Patients were tied to their beds, placed in full body casts and not afforded the ability to be educated or retain their Indigenous culture and heritage. Patients left these hospitals physically and psychologically traumatized.

The proposed class includes Indigenous people who were admitted to an Indian Hospital operated by Canada from November 1, 1945 until 1981 as well as certain family members.

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