Here's what you need to know:

Respecting The Land 

When harvesting morels on Tłı̨chǫ lands, please remember that you are a guest on the land and respect the land, animals, plants, ongoing land use, and personal sites.

Proper Harvesting

Take only what you need:

  • Avoid over-harvesting

Safely harvest:

  • Cut only mature mushrooms
  • Use proper tools to harvest at the stem, instead of pulling it out from the ground.

Land Safety

  • Pack and remove all waste and garbage for proper disposal.
  • Wear high-visibility clothing and gear, and be ready for weather changes.
  • Do not construct permanent structures.
  • Take measures to prevent forest fires, including fully extinguishing campfires.
  • Stay updated on fire conditions and report wildfires.
  • Inform someone of your plans, particularly if harvesting alone, and check-in.

Leave No Trace

  1. Responsibly throw away all garbage and waste in designated areas. Ensure that camped areas are free of litter, food, and spills.
  2. Minimize the impact of campfires, take the necessary precautions, and extinguish fires fully before leaving. Stay informed and report any forest fires.
  3. Leave what you find. Maintain distance from cabins and other sites. Leave objects as you find them. Do not build new structures.
  4. Respect wildlife by leaving animals undisturbed and minimizing your impact on their habitat. Do not feed or approach any wildlife. Store all food securely to avoid direct interactions with animals.


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