Flowers North, owned and operated by Stacie Smith

Stacie Arden Smith, a Tłı̨chǫ Citizen, owner and operator of Flowers North since 2015.  
Flowers north has been in operation since 1974, it's been in the heart of Yellowknife 's downtown since the beginning. In 2015 the business became 100% Indigenous owned by Stacie Arden Smith, a born and raised Yellowknifer.  
Stacie has utilized her educational background in Visual Arts and Business Management to create unique Northern designs.  Inspiration comes from her love of foraging and beauty in our back yard. 
Giving back and serving the Yellowknife community, and the North, is Stacie’s commitment, by to taking part in events such as the Festival on Franklin, the Wedding Expo and countless YK mall events.   In addition to donating and give back to her community.  Stacie hires and seeks Indigenous employees, and youth, teaching them skills and giving opportunities to ensure our indigenous peoples and youth thrive in their future endeavours. 
Since 2015, Flowers North has undergone a transformation from a Flowers Shop to a Boutique gift shop, with catered floristry services for weddings, funerals, birthdays, and for any occasion you need.   Flowers North also supports local artisans, prosperous lake soaps, Ceramic, jewelry and Chocolatiers. 
Flowers North is your one stop for flowers, gifts and goodies.
Flowers North logo has changed from a snowflake flower to a beaded flower designed by and in honour of Stacie’s grandmother, Marie Therese Arden (nee Williah). 
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