Elizabeth Mackenzie Elementary School Heritage Fair Results

Congratulations to the winners and participants of the Elizabeth Mackenzie Elementary School Heritage Fair! 

Results are as follows:

K-3 Category:

1st  Hailey Gargan and Golly Lafferty for Fox, Gr.1 Teacher Katie Forrest

2nd Maggie Dolphus Takazo Charlo and Brandon Tinqui for Raven, Grade 2 and 3, Teacher Melissa McIsaac

3rd Orianna Sanspariel for Bear, Grade 2, Teacher Melissa Nitsiza

4th Sebastien Washie Tambour for Northern Lights “Naka”, Grade 3, Teacher Norma Gauthier

5th Serena Mantla for Wolf, Grade 2, Teacher Melissa Nitsiza

Grade 4-6 Category and advancing to the Regionals in late April:

1st Alana Lamouelle for Traditional Fish, Grade 4/5, Teacher Kai-Ann Gregory

2nd Britanya Zoe for Bannonck, Grade 4/5, Teacher Kai-Ann Gregory

3rd Nashawn Tlokka and Rosaleah Drybones for The Arrival of Non-Dene, Gr.6, Teacher Alestine Mantla

4th Giselle Mantla and Sienna Mantla for Men and Women Roles, Grade 5/6, Teacher Kaitlyn Fox

5th Cassy Mantla-Dryneck and Lacey Ann Migwi for Our Tlicho Animals, Gr.6, Teacher Alestine Mantla

6th Nihtsiyee Huskey for Raven, Grade 4/5, Teacher Kai-Ann Gregory

7th James John Wedzin and Tinesha Black for Look Way Up, Grade 6, Teacher Alestine Mantla

8th Liza Apples and Stacey Black for Northern Lights, Grade 4, Teacher Brian Kardash

9th Lacey Lewis and Liliah Erasmus for The History of our Leaders, Gr. 6. Teacher Alestine

10th Edie Rabesca for Chief Rabesca, Grade 4/5, Teacher Kai-Ann Gregory

EMES’ Heritage Fair in Behchokǫ̀ from Tlicho Government on Vimeo.


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