Ekwǫ̀ Nàxoède K’è (Boots on the Ground) 2019 Results

Ekwǫ̀ Nàxoède K’è (Boots on the Ground) in 2019 the Bathurst caribou monitoring camp ran from July 9 - Sept 9, 2019 at Contwoyto Lake, NWT/NU.

All four Tłı̨chǫ communities were represented at camp. We are very pleased to report that everyone at camp worked safe during the summer and the teams were able to monitor the caribou and other animals for 9 full weeks. This was an increase of three weeks in monitoring time from previous years.

For more information visit the website: https://research.tlicho.ca/research/bootsontheground

Contact: Tyanna Steinwand, Research Manager Trainee at tyannasteinwand@tlicho.com, phone 867-392-6381 ext 1357

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