Charlie Zoe Nitsiza 4th Bi-Annual Handgames Tournament Schedule

In 2014, community members of Whatı̀ created Bi-Annual handgame of the late Charlie Zoe Nitsiza, who passed away December 5, 2011. Charlie Zoe Nitsiza was a traditional man who enjoyed being on the land and taking part in traditional games; he would be seen at drumdances, feasts, handgames and outdoor events. He had a saying “It is good to be seen amongst your people, rather than keeping to yourself”.
Join us in celebration of the 4th Bi-Annual Charlie Zoe Nitsiza Men’s Handgame Tournament, it will be held March 6 – 8, 2020 at the Johnny Nitsiza Cultural Centre, Whatı̀, NT.

For more information contact:
Whati Handgame Committee President, Joseph Moosenose
PH: (867) 494-0053
Whati Handgame Committee Vice-President, April Smith
PH: (867) 446-0780

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