Celebration of Progress Report 2023

This “Celebration of Progress” offers key insights into the positive impacts of projects made possible through various sources of funding associated with the Collaborative Fiscal Policy Development Process (CFP).

This document intentionally does not put the numbers first: rather, it focuses on narrative — stories about projects and their impacts on SGIG citizens now and into the future. The structure and content of this document is consistent with the guiding principles of the Indigenous Data Governance Toolkit, which is designed to support SGIG data sovereignty and capacity.

While SGIGs are pleased to share information and celebrate the progress made, they are under no obligation to report specific financial expenditures or line items related to lump-sum funds to the Federal Government. The project narratives in this document demonstrate the success and continued benefits of the funding related to the Collaborative Fiscal Policy Development Process.

This document reflects Indigenous governance structures and the equitable relationships and partnerships that comprise the foundation of Canada’s commitment to reconciliation, informed by the Calls to Action set out by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Final Report. 

Download & Read the Full Report: Celebration of Progress Report 2023 - Screen Version.pdf 



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