Bus Safety

  • See bus notice from CJBS regarding the change to busing services in Behchokǫ̀ for CJBS.
  • EMES will continue to have a lunch bus to allow students to get home for lunch.

Bus Safety Information:

1. Please meet and collect your children at the bus stops.

2. When bus lights are flashing you are not permitted to pass in any circumstance.

3. Please report any unsafe driving to Henry Lafferty, Bus Manager TCSA.

4. Expect children to be at bus stops between 8-930am, for EMES between 12-1pm, and for dismissal between 315-430pm – Please reduce your speeds and be extra vigilant.

5. Remind your child of the rules on the bus:

· Stay seated until the bus stops.

· Read, talk, or wait quietly – loud voices can be very distracting to the driver.

· Only get off at your stop.

· Report safety issues to the driver.

· Respect our buses – please keep them clean and damage free.


Thank you

Linsey Hope, Director of Education
Tłı̨chǫ Community Services Agency


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