Please check your staff emails from home using the weblink: . There is important information about your return to work on Monday March 23rd. In many cases staff will be working from home and we are committed to helping you do that by giving you information in emails and in a scheduled teleconference on Monday.
Some staff have been deemed essential/critical and will be reporting to work at their schools on Monday for limited duties. Please check with your Principal, Vice Principal, or Manager if you are still unsure what to do on Monday.
If you have changed your phone number please let your supervisor know as they may be trying to reach you.
It is very important that no one enters the schools at this time. They are closed to all staff, students, and users. Limited access will be provided on Monday March 23rd and Tuesday March 24th by appointment. 
A reminder that if you are self-isolating please follow self-isolating protocols to keep our communities safe. 

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