Welcome to the community of Whatì. The community was formally know as Lac La Martre until it was officially changed in 2005 to Whatì under the Tłįcho Agreement. In 2010 NWT Bureau of Statistics reported the community population of 497.

Whatì is set on a magnificent Lac La Martre, one the largest lakes in the Northwest Territories. The lake boasts ideal fishing year round. Some of the largest Lake Trout and Northern Pike on the planet can be found in these waters. It is also situated along the North American north/south bird migration routes. Each spring and fall, the area’s marshes host thousands of ducks, geese and other migratory species that gather here to feed.

Community members actively participate in traditional activities including hunting, fishing, trapping and arts and crafts. Over 92% of the community fluently speaks their Aboriginal Language, Tłįcho (2009 NWT Bureau of Statistics).

The community infrastructure is a perfect blend of traditional meets contemporary. Log homes, remnants of the original dwellings constructed when Whatì became a permanent settlement are contrasted with modern day conveniences such as the youth center, culture center and the well-equipped Mezi Community School.

Services in the community include: a Catholic Church, RCMP, grocery store, bed & breakfast, and convenience store. Fine and decorative arts, like beaded jackets, mitts, gloves and moccasins, are available for purchase through the Whatì Community Store.

Several kilometers by boat, there is a comfortable camp for trout fishing enthusiasts. Closer to the community, you can relax on a visit to the waterfalls or fish for Grayling at the rapids. Local residents can provide guided tours and fishing excursions.

Whatì  located on Lac La Martre at 63°08'N , 117°06'W, 164 air km northwest of Yellowknife. The community is serviced by daily scheduled flights from Yellowknife. 

In the winter, the community is accessible by winter road. The 125 km drive begins at Highway 3 near Behchokö.

Alcohol is prohibited here, by community plebiscite.

For enquiries, please email info[at]tlicho[dot]com


Population (2010): 497
Primary Language (2009): 92.8% speak Tłįcho 
Traditional Activities (2008):
          47% Hunting & Fishing
          15% Trapping
          78% Consume Country Foods.

Taken from the NWT Bureau of Statistics